It is a device that has been developed to reshape your nose to obtain a perfect and beautiful nose. It can make the large nose smaller, the wide nose slimmer, and the longer nose shorter, and also reshape a crooked nose into a straight nose. It also removes the virtual humpback at the bridge of the nose.

You can use the NOSE UP CLIPPER™ device the correct way with ease as it is applied easily on the nose for 15 minutes a day and quickly you will get great and amazing results within a short period of regular use of the device.

For a clear understanding of the correct usage steps, you can watch the product in use video from here.

Yes, the NOSE UP CLIPPER™ device is suitable for both females and males.

Because your comfort is our most important goal, the NOSE UP CLIPPER™ Medical Silicone pad is designed with two different sizes (Small, Large) so that you can easily use the size appropriate to the size and shape of your nose in order to get the desired results with complete comfort.

There is no single way to determine which size is the best for the shape and size of your nose. It depends on many factors such as the width and height of your nose, your age, and thickness of the skin.

Therefore, the best way to find the right size for your nose shape and size is actually trying each size to accurately determine the best size for your nose. As a rule, the smallest size that gives visible results is the best size for your nose. Using a larger size may give better results, but it may be less comfortable for you, so actual trials remain the main factor in determining the appropriate, effective, and most comfortable size for your nose.

However, you do not need to worry at all, because, out of our concern for your comfort in the first place, we provide for you the three sizes (Small, Large) in the same package, so you can enjoy a unique and comfortable usage experience.

The NOSE UP CLIPPER™ is completely safe to use as it is made of medical grade silicone that does not have any side effects.

It also does not affect your breathing while using and does not affect your normal activities.

NOSE UP CLIPPER™ is made of an extremely durable, flexible, and high-quality material that gives it resistance to wear and any changes. The only thing that can damage the device is deliberate cutting with a sharp tool as well as exposure to burning or corrosive chemicals.

The most common reason why people buy NOSE UP CLIPPER™ for a second time is because they lose their first device, which is why we strongly recommend keeping NOSE UP 3D™ in the same storage area every time.

Yes, there are a few cases in which it is not recommended to use Noseless products, as follows:

  • Previous fracture of the nasal bones, such as accidents.
  • Failed nose plastic surgeries.
  • Swelling of the nose that first needs to be treated before starting to use Noseless products.
  • Women during pregnancy and lactation periods.
  • Children up to the age of twelve, because the nose has not reached its final shape yet, as the nose undergoes many changes in shape and size until the age of twelve.

Yes, as nasal cartilage is characterized by 70% of its composition from water, so nasal cartilage can be easily reshaped by pressure and heating. And because pressure alone is not enough to reshape cartilage, the medical silicone used in NOSE UP CLIPPER™ creates a constant temperature to help warm the nose during the compression process, so that the nose is reshaped the way you want it. The nature of nasal cartilage is that it is not highly supplied with blood vessels, which is why you will notice that the nose is colder than the rest of the body, and therefore medical silicone generates heat to ensure that the nasal cartilage is the same as the basic body temperature to accelerate the remodeling process, providing effective and visible results.

NOSE UP CLIPPER™ straightens the nose without the need for painful rhinoplasty surgeries, which are expensive and potentially have many side effects. That is why NOSE UP CLIPPER™ is the newest, safest and most effective alternative to rhinoplasty surgeries.

The NOSE UP CLIPPER™ device can do its job through two important factors, pressure and heating. The device generates a certain degree of equal pressure on both sides of the nose while heating the cartilage of the nose thanks to the medical silicone used in the manufacture of the device.

NOSE UP CLIPPER™ has an impressive ability to provide effective results for:

  • Reduce width of the wide nose.
  • Shorten the long nose.
  • Masking the prominence of the nasal bone.
  • Restoring straightness to a crooked nose

All this and more is done through the device by pressing on the cartilage of the nose and heating it and combining the sides of the nose with elevating tip of the nose upward.

Yes, the results of the NOSE UP CLIPPER™ device on nasal cartilage are permanent, with regular use for a sufficient period of time. That is why we recommend that you continue to use it for a period of at least one to three months, to ensure that your nose adapts to its new shape. To achieve the permanent results, the device is used for an additional period after reaching the desired result (fixation period).

The warm feeling you feel while using NOSE UP CLIPPER™ is an accepted feeling and no worries about it. This is thanks to the medical grade silicone used in the device, which is specially formulated to generate a constant temperature to help warm the nose during the compressive process. This is why feeling warm during use is a proof that NOSE UP CLIPPER™ is effectively reshaping your nose. Don’t worry as the temperature you feel is completely consistent with your normal body temperature.

NOSELESS™ offers you free medical support. The service is a complete follow-up of the case by one of the doctors of the Medical Support Team, from the beginning of using the device, until reaching the desired results. Please review how to activate the free medical support service from here.

The silicone pad in the NOSE UP CLIPPER ™ is not fixed, as it is designed to be removed and cleaned of the accumulated oil in cases of oily nose. Cleaning the device and the silicone pad is done using lukewarm water and soap. We recommend not to use any other detergents that may contain corrosive substances which may damage the device.

The NOSE UP CLIPPER™ is for personal use only and is not recommended to be used by more than one person.

You can purchase the NOSE UP CLIPPER™ online from this website or via any of the other NOSELESS™ online platforms. Original NOSELESS™ products are not sold anywhere else.

In some countries, sending NOSE UP CLIPPER™ in its original package may delay shipping of an additional 3 to 7 days. If this is the case, we ship NOSE UP CLIPPER™ in a simple, discreet envelope. This package is protected by a blue plastic envelope. And the device is again protected with bubble wrap foam.

The original NOSE UP CLIPPER™ device comes with the well-sealed case. This is to ensure that the device delivered to you has not been used before.

Yes, there are many non-original products that we do not recommend trying them at all to avoid any side effects or cosmetic problems. The original NOSE UP CLIPPER™ product from Noseless comes to you with its well-known design, accurate dimensions, and the famous pink color. It is equipped with two medical silicone pieces, each piece has two sides and each side has a different size to suit different nose shapes and sizes. The package is well sealed, and written on the front (NOSE UP Rhino – Correct Tool) and the instructions for use are written on the back.

You can find out what the original product looks like (device and outer box) from here.

Note: Non-original products may have the same shape and color, but differ in dimensions of the device and the materials used in the manufacture, as well as different shape of the outer package.

Yes, we deliver to all countries around the world. Delivery usually takes 10-15 working days for international shipping, and a maximum of 7 working days inside Egypt. The product will be delivered door to door. So there will be no hidden customs fees. The product will also be sent confidentially, which means that the content of the package will not be revealed, in order to keep your privacy. Package sent to you will only carry your name and address.

You can find more information regarding delivery here.

As Noseless believes that customer satisfaction is our highest goal, and due to our unlimited confidence in the quality of our products and their guaranteed and impressive results, Noseless has adopted for the first time in the Arab world a cash back policy on the FULL RHINO-CORRECT SET™ in case that the client is not satisfied with the results. This decision was to build an interconnected chain of trust and honesty with all our clients around the world.

Now you can enjoy the complete comfort in making the purchase decision from Noselees without any concerns regarding the results and quality of our products, all you have to do is just buy and use regularly to get the best results, and in case of dissatisfaction with the results you can simply get your money back.

You can know more information about the money-back guarantee here.

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