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It is a device developed to reshape the nose in any shape that can be imagined. It can make a large nose smaller, a wide nose slimmer, and a long nose shorter, and reshapes the crooked nose into a straight nose. It also removes the virtual humpback at the bridge of the nose.

Noseless Clipper ™ is extremely safe and easy to use. It is easily applied to the nose for 10-15 minutes daily with visible results within two weeks of starting use. Please see detailed instructions on how to use the product on the home page.

Yes, as cartilage is characterized by 70% of its composition from water, so nasal cartilage can be easily formed by pressure and heating. And because pressure alone is not enough to form cartilage, the medical silicone used in the Noseless Clipper ™ generates a constant temperature to help warm the nose during the compression process, so that the nose is reshaped the way you want it. The nature of nasal cartilage is that it is not richly supplied with blood vessels, which is why you will notice that the nose is colder than the rest of the body, and therefore medical silicone generates heat to ensure that the nasal cartilage is the same as the basic body temperature to accelerate the remodeling process, providing effective and visible results.

Noseless Clipper ™ straightens the nose without the need for painful rhinoplasty surgeries, which are expensive and have many side effects. That is why Noseless Clipper ™ is the newest, safest and most effective alternative to rhinoplasty.

Noseless Clipper ™ has a remarkable ability to deliver effective results for:

  • Reducing the wide nose
  • Shortening the long nose
  • Hide the prominence of the nasal bone
  • Restore straightness to a crooked nose

And all of this and more is done by applying pressure on the cartilage of the nose and heating it and combining the sides of the nose with the tip of the nose raised up.

Yes, the effect of the Noseless Clipper ™ on cartilage is permanent if it is used regularly for more than a month. That is why we recommend that you continue to use it for at least a month, to ensure that your nose adapts to its new shape. To achieve the permanent result, the device is used for an additional period after reaching the desired result (fixation period).

The warm feeling you feel while using Noseless Clipper ™ is a natural feeling and no worries about it. This is thanks to the medical grade silicone used in manufacturing the device, which is specially formulated to generate a constant temperature to help warm the nose during the compressive process. Thus, the feeling of warmth during use only means that Noseless Clipper ™ effectively reshapes your nose. So don’t worry because that temperature you feel is completely consistent with your normal body temperature.

Noseless ™ offers you free medical support. The service is a complete follow-up of the case by one of the doctors of the medical support team, from the beginning of using the device, until reaching the desired result. Please review how to activate the free medical support service.

The silicone part of the Noseless Clipper ™ device has different sizes to suit different nose sizes and achieves complete comfort during use, for either women or men.

The silicone piece on the Noseless Clipper ™ is not fixed. This is so that it can be removed and cleaned from the accumulated fat in cases of the oily nose. Then cleaning is done using lukewarm soapy water.

Noseless Clipper ™ is for personal use only and is not recommended for use by more than one person.

You can purchase Noseless Clipper ™ online from this site or through any of the other Noseless ™ platforms on the Internet. The original Noseless ™ products are not sold anywhere else.

Yes, we deliver to all countries in the world. Delivery usually takes 10 to 15 business days. The product will be delivered door to door. So there will be no hidden customs fees. The product will also be sent confidentially, which means that the content of the package will not be revealed, in order to preserve your privacy. The package sent to you will only carry your name and address.

Noseless Clipper is completely safe to use and has no side effects. We have no documented cases of injuries or deformities caused by the device. It is 100% safe and effective.

It can be used by anyone over 12 years old without any negative effects.

There are some countries where sending Noseless Clipper ™ in its original packaging can delay shipment of 3 to 7 extra days because it goes through customs. If this is the case, we ship Noseless Clipper ™ in a simple, discreet envelope. This package is protected by a blue plastic envelope outside to be recognized as a simple package. And the device is again protected with bubble wrap foam.

No, as Noseless Clipper ™ device comes in original sealed packaging. This is to ensure that the sending device has not been used before.

The 60-day money-back guarantee begins when you start using the product after making sure that the money-back guarantee has been properly activated. This is to ensure that you have a risk-free 60-day period to use our equipment. As we always work hard for the comfort and satisfaction of all customers, who have 100% trusted purchasing our products. If not, we will refund your entire purchase to your credit card or Paypal account. The money-back guarantee does not apply to any promotions.

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